Shotgun Sisters was founded in 2015 by Tara Lane, a sporting clays shooter and business development professional in the AEC industry. Sporting clay shoots and tournaments are common business development opportunities in the AEC industry and often industry women aren’t comfortable or able to participate because they lack familiarity with shooting, handling guns, and the sport itself. The group meets monthly and seasoned members and trained instructors offer assistance and instruction as needed, so all skill levels are welcome.

Shotgun Sisters provides a comfortable environment for women to shoot; from beginners developing a comfort level to experienced shooters sharpening their skills. This enables them to be on a level playing field with their male colleagues and competitors as well. After the shoot, everyone stays to eat, celebrate, laugh, and network. The result is an exceptional group of industry professionals, sharing a common interest, networking with each other, developing business opportunities, professional relationships, and friendships.


Tara Lane has trained with some of the top shooters in the sport including Casey Atkinson, Dimas Nunez, Luke Deshotels, and Cheng Ma. While she no longer shoots competitively, she graciously shares her knowledge and experience with the Sisterhood. Tara is also a veteran of the AEC industry having worked in business development across the Southeast. She is Director of Business Development for Contour Engineering.